Schedule of Services & Upcoming Events

Schedule of Services and Events

Shabbat Services

Friday, June 21, 7:30 pm,

Erev Shabbat Service (Chapel)

Service Leader:  Hal Grinberg

Oneg Sponsor:  Marsha Stern and Paula Engel



Saturday, June 22,

9:00 am, Torah Study (ALC)

10:00 am, Shabbat Services, (Sanctuary)

Service Leader: Anne-Marie Mizel Nelson

Rabbi Marna Sapsowitz will co-lead

Parsha:  Numbers  8: 1-12: 16   Beha-Alotekha

Haftorah:  Zechariah 2:1Zechariah 2: 14-4: 7

Luncheon to follow in Falk Library & Hallway


Sunday, June 23, Education Session,

10 am – 12 pm,  Rabbi Marna Sapsowitz (ALC 1)

Applicant for Interim Rabbi, Marna Sapsowitz will be visiting this weekend.   

She will attend the Friday evening service to meet congregants and teach us some new tunes.

She will be co-leading the Saturday morning service with Anne-Marie Mizel Nelson.

On Sunday, she will present an adult education session on “Ribbons, Pearls, and Longing for Messiah: Two Yiddish Folk Songs for Havdalah”.

We hope you can attend.



Name English date Hebrew date This Year
Shirley Seiner Silverman 6/6/1993 17 Sivan 20-Jun-19
Jonathan Shimm 6/20/2008 17 Sivan 20-Jun-19
Shirley Farbman 6/3/2007 17 Sivan 20-Jun-19
Lillian Kaplan Klahr 6/8/1982 17 Sivan 20-Jun-19
Sophia Hirsh 6/17/1984 17 Sivan 20-Jun-19
Maurice Louis Zigmond 6/12/1998 18 Sivan 21-Jun-19
Geraldine Klein 6/18/1984 18 Sivan 21-Jun-19
Robert Blair 6/17/1995 19 Sivan 22-Jun-19
Sophie Skolnick 6/15/1979 20 Sivan 23-Jun-19
Lillian G. Towne 6/23/2008 20 Sivan 23-Jun-19
Jerome Chelemer 6/22/2003 22 Sivan 25-Jun-19
Frances Gertrude Fertman 6/20/2014 22 Sivan 25-Jun-19
Marion Ellis 6/11/1993 22 Sivan 25-Jun-19
David Perlman 6/9/2007 23 Sivan 26-Jun-19
Sarah Roth 6/16/1990 23 Sivan 26-Jun-19


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Highly recommended Hebrew group…check it out!

Dor Hadash has a Biblical/Prayer Hebrew group that meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM at the home of Hal Grinberg.  It has been meeting for years with people coming in and out.

The group reads and learns to translate prayers and sections from the Bible and discusses them.  This June, we will be to starting a review from the beginning of Biblical Hebrew grammar.  All are congregants are welcome to attend; you just need to be able to read (decode) the Hebrew letters.  Contact Hal Grinberg if you are interested in joining the



COMMUNITY EVENTS  The following announcements have been submitted by members of the congregation.  Listing of an event does not imply endorsement by the congregation of the organization or event.


Friday, June 21 – World Refugee Day.

Please come to the event in Market Square from 11:00 to 2:00 pm for speeches (including one by Kerry Ban), plus food and craft vendors, music, and dance, and kids’ activities.
For more information, go to