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If you are thinking about joining Dor Hadash and have any questions, please email the Membership Chair, at She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have already decided that you would like to become a member, the forms that you need are below. You will see that dues vary according to your particular situation. Dues are prorated according to the month that you join.  First year dues are reduced by 50% for new members if you are enrolling one or more children in the Dor Hadash Religious School.

Everyone is welcome to be a member of our congregation, and we realize that some people will have financial constraints. If you are not able to pay the dues in full, arrangements can always be made by speaking with our treasurer.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dor Hadash Membership Categories and Annual Dues 2018-19

One-Adult Family includes:

  1. One adult living alone
  2. Two adults who are living together without children, but only one will be participating in Dor Hadash activities.
  3. A single-parent with one or more children
  4. Two-parent family, but only one parent will be participating in Dor Hadash activities

Two-Adult Family includes:

  1.  Two adults living together without children – both adults will be participating in Dor Hadash activities.
  2.  Two-parent family with children – both parents will be participating in Dor Hadash activities.

No one is denied membership in Dor Hadash due to an inability to pay.  If full payment is not possible now, please contact our Treasurer, Jim Silver to request a dues reduction or to set up a schedule for payments.

Membership Form

To become a member,  download the 2018-19 Membership Information Forms   (pdf) and send them with your dues payment.  Please do not use PayPal when paying your dues membership.

New Membership Application Form

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  • Adult 2 (if applicable)

  • Address

  • Others Living in Household

  • Life Events

  • Yizkor

  • Yahrzeits



Membership Dues Form

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