Our hearts go out to the Chabad of Poway, California north of San Diego.   On this six month anniversary of the shooting in Pittsburgh we reach out to you in comfort.  Our resolve to end hatred and to build a worldwide community of resilience and healing is ever strengthened.  We pray for the safety of your congregation and the quick recovery of  your wounded. We mourn the loss of your beloved congregant, Lori Gilbert-Kaye.

Congregation Dor Hadash in Pittsburgh



Accurate, humane

Apr 21, 2019

We write on behalf of Congregation Dor Hadash to congratulate the Post-Gazette journalists on receiving the Pulitzer Prize and to express our gratitude for your honest, accurate and compassionate coverage of the events of Oct. 27 and its aftermath (April 16, “Judges Note ‘Compassionate’ Reporting in Awarding Pulitzer”). The PG’s reports since that day have been consistently accurate, humane and sensitive to all involved.

Thank you.

Board of Congregation Dor Hadash
Squirrel Hill
Dor Hadash is one of three congregations housed at the Tree of Life synagogue.


We extend our deepest gratitude to the Pittsburgh Community for your overwhelming outpouring of support since the murder of 11 of our fellow Jews on October 27.

You have stood with us. You have sung with us, prayed with us, grieved with us and raised funds for us. Your support has held us up over the past several weeks and affirmed for us the strength of our Jewish and Pittsburgh Communities.

We were attacked because we are Jews. We condemn the white nationalist ideology the perpetrator embraced, a toxic belief system that promotes anti-Semitism and demonizes non-white immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQIA+ community, and people of color.

We raise our voices to demand an end to hate speech and the othering of any human beings by anyone, including our elected leaders. We raise our voices to demand rational gun laws to help prevent future tragedies.

This tragedy will forever be a part of our story, but it will not define us. We will move forward and rebuild, not only our congregation, but our country.

We hope that you will continue to stand with us in that work. Donate, volunteer with us, or with these organizations, and support these causes.

If you or someone you know needs support in recovering from this tragedy, please see these resources from Jewish Family and Community Services

Dor Hadash Congregation

Congregation Dor Hadash is a member-led congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an affiliate of the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.

Congregants share in the responsibility for ritual programs and in all the administrative aspects of congregational life. Active participation is central to the exploration and development of our Jewish identities.

Our congregation is welcoming, egalitarian, and inclusive. Our congregants are Jews by birth or by choice; they are single or part of family units; they include people of different sexual orientations and gender identities; and they live in households that are of the same or different faiths.

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